The Scheid Family History

The Scheid Family has been involved in agriculture as far back as the early 1800's in Germany. Franz Mathias Scheid (1820-1890) was born in Sandhausen, a small farming village near Heidelberg, Baden, Germany in 1820. He was the son of a farmer and had begun his journey to the America in June of 1845. The young German immigrant arrived on July 31, 1845 in New York City and made his way to Lancaster's Cabbage Hill neighborhood. With his knowledge of farming and quality fruits and vegetables, he began his daily earnings as a peddler/huckster selling the fruits of his labor from his back yard garden at 454 High Street to the citizens of Lancaster. Franz M. Scheid was listed as a fruit dealer/peddler in several Lancaster City Business directories and was noted in his obituary in the Lancaster Newspapers in 1890 as a well-known German Citizen and peddled throughout the city and county. His son, Alexander H. Scheid (1856-1933) followed in his footsteps as a peddler. Alexander married the daughter of another German immigrant, Anthony Klos (1827-1904), who was a farmer on Love Lane now known as Fairview Avenue. Alexander was a peddler in the summer months and a cigar maker in the winter months. It was from his grandfather Anthony and father Alexander that Paul H. Scheid, Sr. (1900-1980) learned his passion for fruits and vegetables. When the devastating Great Depression hit in 1929, Paul Sr. was laid off from his job at the former Hamilton Watch Company. In 1929 in the small village of Bausman, Paul Sr founded the business which is now known as Scheid Produce, Inc. Paul Sr. bought some building lots on the lower streets of Bausman and raised his own vegetables and purchased fruits from his uncle, John Klos on Fairview Avenue. At the time, young Paul H. Scheid, Jr., known as "Sonny", would ride along on the huckster truck on Lancaster's streets selling their goods. Paul Sr. often would speak German to conduct daily business transactions on Cabbage Hill as it was a primarily German neighborhood. In 1938, Paul Sr. began operating a seasonal roadside stand along the Millersville Pike. In 1942 and 1945, Paul Sr. began operating stands on Lancaster's Southern and Central Markets. In 1957, retail door-to-door sales had ceased and wholesale sales began to stores and restaurants.

In 1968, Paul Sr. retired from the daily operations of the business. Paul Jr. and his late wife, Doris J. (Myers) Scheid (1933-2005), took over the family business. That same year, Paul Jr. purchased an old barn outside of Millersville and began remodeling as a cold storage warehouse. In 1971, Paul Jr. makes his first trip to Florida to purchase produce direct from the farmer. In 1972, Scheid's began to sell produce in the adjoining counties. One year later in 1973, Neil A. Scheid made his first solo trip to Florida. In 1975, Neil A. Scheid began full-time with Scheid Produce and in 1979, his brother, Mark P. Scheid joined the business. In 1981, the year following Paul Sr.'s death, the daily operations were moved from Bausman to Millersville. In 1988 pre-cut fruits and vegetables were offered for the first time to keep up with market trends . In 1990, the long standing produce business was made a Trading Member of the BlueBook, provider of credit reports and marketing information to the wholesale fresh fruit and vegetable industry. The year 1996 was a land mark year in history for the Scheid's. That year they moved from the remodeled barn to their new state-of-the-art warehouse.
In 2003, Paul Jr. retired from everyday operations, but still can be seen daily at the warehouse. The Scheid's still carry on the tradition of the former generations, providing quality products and service at a fair price. That is why Scheid Produce, Inc. is "The Freshest Guy in Town."

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Alexander H. Scheid

Paul H. Scheid, Sr.

Paul H. Scheid, Jr.

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