Our Capabilities

At Scheid Produce we value each and every order!
All orders begin in our customer service department, where they are entered into the computer system and personally reviewed for special requests. Our company buyers review produce orders several times a day to make sure that we have enough product in stock at all times. Produce is received in our warehouse daily to ensure that customers always receive fresh product.

Produce is shipped to us from all around the world making best quality with fair prices available to our customers. Throughout the day, associates are handling product making sure that each item meets the Scheid Produce standard for quality. Individual order fulfillment does not begin until our third shift order selectors begin custom pulling produce orders.

All Scheid Produce associates are trained in quality assurance so that each customer receives the best product available at all times.
Orders are then routed and given a final inspection before being released for loading. At this point the product is ready to be placed in refrigerated trucks and vans so that the orders can be delivered to our customers.
We strive to accommodate special requests while handling customer orders.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via phone or E-mail.

What Scheid Produce Has To Offer:
Quality Products
-Excellent Service
-Competitive Prices
-Four Generations of Knowledge & Experience
-Unbroken Cold Chain
-Low Minimum Requirements For Delivery
-Refrigerated Trucks & Vans
-Friendly Uniformed Drivers
Customer Service
-Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff
-Will Call You For Orders (if requested)
-Flexible Ways of Placing Orders
-Available on Saturdays
Sales Representatives
-Easily to reach via cell phones
-E-mail Addresses